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Checked Baggage

Requirements concerning registered luggage in British Airways refers to number of suitcases or bags, their sizes and weights. Allowed size of one bag is always the same and measures 90 x 75 x 43 cm. Number and weight of suitcases depends on booking class – it differs from one bag of maximum weight of 23 kilos in economic class to 3 suitcases of 32 kilos each in first and Business classes.

Adults and kids are subject to the same rules of limitations of registered luggage. British Airways envisaged though a smaller registered luggage for infants – in each class it is one bag of up to 23 kilos. As exchange you can take with you a car seat or a pram, if you travel with kid up to 11 years old or infant below 2 years old. It is included in hand luggage and is free of additional charge.

Remember that for excessing allowed number, weight or sizes of registered luggage, British Airways charges additional fee. That is why try to pack as much economically as possible and leave a bit of space for souvenirs from journey. Take into account also the fact that content of registered luggage must meet security requirements.