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British Airways - Fleet

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British Airways - Fleet

The most important planes, of which British Airways’ fleet is compose, are Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner, though the carrier also flies on other models of Airbus and Boeing. Both generations of machines have a few common traits, equally beneficial for passengers, crew and environment. They operate quietly, weigh less, and fuel consumption is much lesser than in similar models. Passengers will meet with ergonomic setting of seats, that allow relaxing during a flight, and even with possibility of watching films on demand.

The biggest part of British Airways’ fleet is Airbus A380. These are the biggest, two-boards and he most ecological planes in the world. In comparison to Boeings of the same class, they offer passengers 50% more space under seats and 60% more space above a seat.

The second modern model in British Airways’ fleet is Boeing 787. The carriers has two models of that generations: 787-8 and 787-9. These planes are machines of average size. Their characteristic trait are 30% bigger windows, thanks to which passengers can see the horizon from each spot onboard.

Soon British Airways’ fleet will welcome 12 new Boeing 787-10.