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British Airways - Hand Baggage

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Hand Baggage

Hand luggage in British Airways can be compose of 2 bags or suitcases. Allowed weight of each of it is 23 kilos. They can have size of 56 x 45 x 25 cm and 40 x 30 x 15 cm. the smaller bag can be woman’s bag or bag for laptop. If you travel with child beneath 11 years old, as part of your hand luggage you can also take folded in pram or car seat.

Check-in of hand luggage in British Airways is additionally charged. If you choose online check-in and do check-in in advance, you will pay less.

During packing, it is worth to remember what can be included in hand luggage. British Airways advice to take all things that can be indispensable during a flight: money, papers, valuable objects and medicines.

To smooth secure transportation of your hand luggage onboard, crew of British Airways put on it a special yellow sticker, thanks to which onboard crew is sure your luggage was checked-in.

On a plane there are special places, in which passengers can store their hand luggage. British Airways requires to put a bigger bag on above the seat storage, whereas a smaller one – under a seat.