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British Airways - Online Check-in

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Online Check-in

In option of online check-in British Airways offers two methods of check-in: check-in via Internet or check-in via specially dedicated application.

Online check-in via Internet starts 24 hours before flight. Everything takes place on the carrier’s webpage. After getting through specified procedure, a boarding pass is generated, that is indispensable to get onboard. You can print it, download to your phone, tablet or laptop or store on your e-mail account.

If you lose your printed out boarding pass, you can always come back to British Airways’ webpage and print it out again. Even if you forget to take it with you to the airport, you can still do it in the airport kiosk.

An innovative solution is online check-in via the carrier’s application. It is available on smartphones, iPads and even smartwatches. There also check-in starts 24 hours before a departure. To be ready for a flight, all you have to do is get through check-in process and download a boarding pass to your device. On one device you can store up to 8 boarding passes.

It is very important to do online check-in in British Airways before its closure – otherwise a crew might not let you onboard.